Washington Shores “Academic Culture”



Envision Mathematics (at least 60 mins) & Math Your Way (at least 20-30 mins)

Let DATA drive your instruction

Use Scope and Sequence (time line) / Teach with the Benchmarks /Standards

Cover all five strands / Bring in many resources

Build daily Math vocabulary / Build lesson time plus 15 strategies

Make connections to “real life” situations

Use daily FCAT style Q’s (SR, ER, Gridded, MC)

Write daily to verify understanding (concepts, processes & solutions)

Use creative thinking and problem solving strategies

Use manipulatives as much as possible

Create a Mathematics environment – Fill room w/ examples of real world math

FCAT Writing

Write Traits (Grades 1-3) FCAT Expository & Narrative Writing (Grades 4-5)

Target pre-writing, brainstorming using graphic organizers

Target specific graphic organizers, transition words, and conclusion words per grade level

Bi-weekly prompts with emphasis in Science / Social Studies

Use rubric to score papers (teacher and student)

Model how to write daily

Practice using main idea with supporting details

Create time element for each sub section (ex.: reading prompt, graphic organizer, writing)

Practice prompts under timed conditions

Short & Extended Response Questions

Language Arts / Science / Social Studies

Use Science/Social Studies to build themes (2 Science, 1 Social Studies, 2 Literature)

Teach text features (heading, subheading, graphs, captions, etc.)

Teach with the Benchmarks /Standards

Let DATA drive your instruction / Use Differentiated Instructional Strategies

Curriculum should not be driven from textbook!

Use 60% informational text and 40% non-informational text

Apply FCAT 12 with all reading pieces

Use content walls

Bloom Taxonomy Questioning / Use High Yield Strategies in planning lessons

Teacher modeling before, during, & after lessons

I Do (modeling), We Do (practice together), You Do (independent)

Target with “5 WH” questions (who, what, where, when, how)

Make connections across curriculum and real life issues

Build VOCABULARY in all content area

Spelling w/ syn./ant/analogies/content words/high freg. words)

Shared reading above reading ability

“AR” program (30-40 min. per day recommended